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An innovative bottle design has been created to address the changing needs of consumers, manufacturers, transportation firms and the global stream of waste products.


The main driving force for the Flow Bottle design is the reduction of the enormous waste of plastics in our world. By creating a package that not only can suitably reduce a manufacturer’s cost but also benefit the world we live in, it seems to be the next logical step in manufacturing design.


This patent pending concept consists of novel reusable outer containers with biodegradable refill bottles of product that allow for a reduction of overall costs and landfill use.Features within the design allow for easy consumer loading of the refill bottles while constraining the refill bottles so as to dispense the last drop. The marketing displays of these refill bottles at local markets and big box stores are also greatly improved.

The Flow Bottle consists of a reusable outer container, a sliding pour top and a biodegradable refill bottle. The refill bottle has a top and bottom plate with a lip that creates working interfaces for the outer container and the sliding top.


 Loading a new refill into the outer container is easy.  Simply slide the outer container over a Flow Bottle refill. The bottom plate of the refill is slightly larger than the top plate to engage in the recessed lip at the bottom of the outer container.  This allows the refill bottle to remain taut so that all the contents can be emptied.




Slide the pour top over the top plate of the refill and into the slides on the top of the outer container.  Snap into place. Done! It's as easy as that.

The shape of the outer container doesn't determine the shape of the refill bottle, nor the shape of the refill bottle the shape of the outer container.  Our Dispensing Flow Bottle shows one option that allows for unit dose dispensing while minimizing air contact with the product in the container.


The sliding top can have a pour spout, a pour spout with reclosable lid, a nozzle spout, a nozzle spout with a resealable cap...the options are limitless.



The outer container could resemble a current or past blow molded container so as to align with brand recognition. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination can take them.

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