Zero Waste Twist Dispenser

This is the first consumer product packaging system that dispenses 100% of its product while being completely compostable and reduces overall production and shipping costs by 30-40%. Standard consumer bottles and tubes leave product in the container creating waste.  15% product is left using hand pumps and 5-10% for tubes.  With the Zero-Waste packaging system your customers will be able to use 100% of the product it contains. 

An innovative bottle dispensing design has been created to address the changing needs of consumers, manufacturers, transportation firms and the global stream of waste products. This patent pending concept consists of novel reusable outer containers for use with the biodegradable Flow Bottle refills.


Features within the design allow for easy consumer dispensing by twisting components of the outer container to dispense the contents of the refill container. Twist dispensing with a ratchet indicator provides the consumer the ability to dispense repeatable amounts of liquid, minimizing waste. Liquids can be as thin as water or as thick as laundry detergent or shampoo.


The Twist Dispenser goes beyond the original designs and uses of the original Flow Bottle while still using the revolutionary Flow Bottle refill.

The Twist Dispenser has the following features:

  • Minimizes product contact with air
  • Uses a Flow Bottle refill
  • Has a twisting top or bottom to dispense liquid
  • Twist motion can force a viscous liquid
  • Twist motion has a ratchet so that the twisting motion cannot go backwards
  • Twist motion had indicator to allow user to dispense a known amount
  • No need to turn backwards to load in next refill
  • Can dispense viscous liquid into one’s hand or fill a “spoon” with thin liquids like oils


Potential benefits of the Dispensing Flow Bottle include:


  • Replacing Hand Pumps with a Green alternative
  • Replacing Aerosol Container with a Green alternative
  • Dispensing liquid product and eliminating air contact
  • Dispensing liquid product and eliminating waste from over dispensing
  • Replacing Aerosol Container with an Airline Friendly alternative that has no compressed gasses

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